Sunny days wouldn’t be special if it wasn’t for the┬árain/Joy wouldn’t feel so good if it wasn’t for pain.” – 50 Cent (Many Men)

Be sure to read every word of this.

The irony of pain is that over time it becomes bearable.

Ask fitness enthusiasts and people in abusive relationships. Some days I feel so tired to work out, but 30 Jumping Jacks and 16 Pushups in, my body starts responding.

That’s why over time you build muscle, adapt and somehow even begin to enjoy and crave it. You go from complaining to enduring to tolerating. Human beings are hardwired with adaptation and evolution.

But your pain is useless if you don’t reflect on it, and find ways to feed and grow off it. No, be suffer head you be!

So, instead of luxuriating in a situation that you have the power to change or to fight or to flee entirely away from (e.g an abusive relationship) just because you think you have to endure it, for no plausible reason whatsoever, you have to learn how to differentiate.

Don’t kid yourself! 

There is a right and wrong pain.

And though I can’t claim to know what the right and wrong pain is at every crossroad in my life, there’s always the opportunity to learn from prior events. Yours and others.

The lessons you learn from life come from the tuition you’ve paid overtime in the form of experiences, directly or indirectly, your experiences or others’.

Some wise man once said, “life is a journey, but nobody was made to travel it alone.” 

Our individual existences are so connected in such a collective way that your life is a conduit that the universe runs through and is a part of. 

When we die, our mortal bodies will be laid into the ground, either as dust or ashes. To become part of the Earth. Our spirits already a part of the supernatural. An ever continuous cycle.

You and I are connected in ways that we don’t even understand. You might have never heard this, but even in our individual pains, we are so damn connected.

Therefore, understand that all your battles and blessings, wins and losses aren’t yours alone, even though your current troubles are yours to bear alone. And though it feels unbearable, understand that your story wouldn’t be yours at the end alone. Yours to tell, yes, but a part of someone else’s too.

So, no matter how much pain you are going through now, it is meant to teach you, and then to inspire and motivate someone else.

Your tears, blood, and sweat will lead you to success and possible greatness, but it will also lubricate someone else’s path. Your pitfalls and mistakes would be the lighthouse redeeming someone else on verge of getting lost.

And this is not an attempt to justify pain and suffering, rather it’s a call to arms for you to show empathy, and at least ‘mourn with those who mourn.’

A call to be of help – to be part of your brethren’s distress and trouble. Nobody was made to feel alone.

So, keep grinding and growing, there are people waiting for you.

Uche Okoro

Writer. Sales & Marketing. Business & Investing Afficionado.

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