These Walls

When a good thing goes bad, it’s not the end of the world, it’s just the end of a world.” – Drake (Doing It Wrong)

The easiest thing to put up is a wall.

It’s natural and logical. It’s purely human to put up walls after a bad experience.
Whether these experiences are direct or not.

A concerned parent repeatedly warns a kid not to play with fire so they don’t get burnt.
If they chose to listen, they don’t get burnt. If they don’t, they get burnt, but the result is they will never look at fire the same way again.

The same thing happens if they see someone getting burned.

It is seared into their memory forever.

These things change who we are.

It’s easier to have a different orientation about walls like the first child. But the second child has a battle to face throughout their lives.

They never want to get burnt again ever again.

Every single one of us is the second child.

In different instances, we’ve gone from putting up walls to protect ourselves to putting up walls that block the light from entering into our lives.

Instead of protecting and shielding ourselves, we end up closing ourselves from the world.

From others.

From many with bad intentions, yeah.

But also from many with pure intentions too.

It’s a stuff of irony.

A wall goes from protecting you to locking you in.

Of course, experience is a good teacher.

But experience also comes with trauma.

And it’s a good thing until the light of love and adventure is fizzled out of your life.

You go from living life with the enthusiasm of a child to the pessimism of an adult.

It’s hard feeling this way.

But it’s harder knowing you could feel differently if only you let yourself to.

If only you could let someone else to…

lf only…

Uche Okoro

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