Life Path

When the lights shut off, and it’s my turn to settle down, my main concern
…promise that you will sing about me“- Kendrick Lamar (Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst)

Two weeks ago, I had a rather interesting conversation with an old friend.

It was an hour-long and we talked about copywriting, maturing, growth and life generally.

For a rookie copywriter who hasn’t had much luck with sales letters, I was really surprised by how much I managed to break down the idea of copywriting to him. I was even more surprised he thought about me when he needed an explanation about copywriting.

He never knew I was a copywriter. And that’s something lots of people (even folks close to me) don’t know either.

I’m just 25 but it feels awkward when I listen to someone narrate an experience in their lives and somehow I know what that experience is like. I can relate!

Sometimes I’m concerned my ability to understand what they are going through might be performative.

Nowadays, it’s such a fulfilling experience for certain people who thrive on calling other people out. For whatever reason, it’s really easy to feel slighted nowadays.

So, even when relating to people, you have to be aware of the fact that you are walking a thin line.

A thin line that can get blurred at the slightest provocation or feeling of injustice.

But then again, when I think about these experiences, a part of me thanks God heartily for them. Maybe this is why old people seem to understand life so much and can offer advice accordingly.

Maybe I’m just an old soul.

Or maybe I’ve had to feel these things just for the greater purpose of understanding and empathy. And help others in any way I can.

Maybe if we all had an idea of what people have been through at certain points in their lives we could understand them better. Or maybe not.

It’s easy to discount experiences which you’ve never had.

That’s why I believe that every single experience I’ve had weren’t just mine alone. They were meant to be shared.

Shared to encourage, inspire, educate, teach and motivate others. And I believe that should be my guiding principle going forward.

I think I finally found my life path.

Uche Okoro

Writer. Sales & Marketing. Business & Investing Afficionado.

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