The Small Difference

“Please, move with intent/Don’t leave it all to chance” – Show Dem Camp (For A Minute)

There’s something beautiful about luck.

It’s an irony.

Lots of successful people rarely put their success down to luck.

The things that come to mind when you quiz them are hardwork, persistence, perseverance, courage and all the beautiful words found in self help books.

Those with a spiritual or moral inclination would say God.

Not necessarily as a sign of humility. But a subtle way to gloss over whatever explanation is expected from them.

Luck sounds too fickle. Too pedestrian.

Whereas those who have been hard done by life wish they had more luck. Or maybe just a little.

It’s a fact you can create your own luck – good or bad – through the decisions you make on a daily basis.

But then what about the things you have no control over?

What’s even crazier is when bad things happen, and they push you to a better place.

Beautiful serendipity!

The very tiny margin that luck occupies.

But when you magnify it, it’s bigger than everything.

It could be timing. It could be good fortune. But in hindsight, you discover that if they never happened, you might never be where you are in the present.

I’ve had some really bad days. But then again, I look back at those days, and I’m tempted to say I’m happy they happened.

The lessons.

The gifts.

The unexpected.

I’m grateful for them.

But maybe a way to show gratitude would be if we all accepted the power of luck.

Because unknown to us, most of the time, luck is really the differential.

But then again, you make your own luck sometimes.

Uche Okoro

Writer. Sales & Marketing. Business & Investing Afficionado.

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