Month: August 2020

The Hard Things

“If it adds a couple more years to our lives, we might go vegan” – Big Sean (Holy Key)

This past week I learnt one very significant lesson:

Life doesn’t necessarily get easier.

Chances are it actually gets harder. But there’s a caveat:

Somehow, it gets better.

But to have a life better than the one you currently have, you have to dedicate your days to doing the hard things.

The hard things would include things that add positively to your journey.

The hard things would include exercising and eating well, sleeping and resting as you should.

The hard things would include deliberate practice and the pursuit of purpose.

The willingness to stand up after getting knocked down repeatedly.

Faith and utmost belief and confidence in yourself and your abilities.

The hard things would include taking action instead of just dreaming.

Striving to get be better and do better at every level.

The hard things would include opening your heart to love and the embrace of people who truly care about you.

But that takes courage.

The hard things would also include the courage to speak when everyone around you decides to keep mum.

The courage to say no when you should say no.

The courage to be humble and teachable and accepting that you don’t know everything no matter how much you even know.

The hard things would include the zeal to keep going even when it looks like you shouldn’t.

Dedicate the rest of your life to doing the hard things.


In The Midst Of Chaos

Way back in the beginning, me and Jesse Jagz was just dreaming of winning, but 3 years later it’s True Religion denim/All because of the lyrical venom that I’m sending/Now we headline the Expo Center, I guess that means my graph is exponential” – M.I (Multiply Remix)

2020 has been a great year for me.

It’s so beautiful when you get the feeling that everything you’ve been working on whether consciously or unconsciously is finally culminating into something really amazing.

Even though sometimes it feels downright frustrating because you know you’re on the cusp of something great – you can feel it deep in your soul – and yet one way or another you end up hitting a wall.

There’s a certain wholeness that I don’t even understand sometimes, but I don’t care… I love it.

For everything this year has given to me and more, I’m utterly grateful. The next few months will definitely be an unpacking of more gifts.



“Cole under pressure, what that make? Diamonds” — J. Cole (Return Of Simba)

People seem to run away when they hear this word.

Even those who add ‘can work under pressure’ to their CVs do it because it’s a good look. Not because they truly can or would.

There’s almost no one who likes or loves to work under pressure.

Yet, they are people who seem to flourish and thrive under immense pressure.

I was scrolling through Twitter earlier today and then I stumbled on a thread asking about the best guest verses on Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Most people had their money on Rick Ross on Devil In A New Dress.

I remember an interview he did years ago where he said he was contacted to do that verse a day before the album was to be submitted.


It was his best verse that year, and undoubtedly one of his greatest ever.

I wrote my best ad yet this past week after my mentor saw a prior ad I wrote and told me it was good, but I could do better.

I felt I had poured so much into the first ad. The mental toll clearly showed on my face even. But I’m glad my mentor has always been kind enough to lead me by hand while also pushing me to be better.

And I’m grateful for the people in my life who push me to be better, and I know not everyone has this. But in the absence of people, you could use circumstances to motivate you to climb up to a higher level.

Most of us never had it easy.

When you look back in hindsight, some of your greatest breakthroughs came from moments of intense pressure.

Although there’s good and bad pressure, of course. And avoiding the bad is super good for you and your health.

Was on a call with my cousin Frank early this week and he was talking about how struggles and pressures we had to face at an early age shaped us and gave us stronger mentalities and personalities.

Low key, I wish we had it easier and didn’t have to go through so much. But we did. And it never dimmed our lights. Only made it shine stronger.

Every day, I wish it could be easier, but then life gets better even as it gets harder. So, why should I complain?

Life is a series of challenges, and so I just have to keep looking for tools and techniques and resources and people to build a better life for myself and my loved ones. So, if we can, we at least stay ahead of the curve.

And yes, I think we should all learn to appreciate people and circumstances that push us to reach the best version of ourselves.

These circumstances and moments might not look sexy. We might even feel the people are asking for too much.

But the truth is, if it doesn’t kill you, it definitely makes you stronger and/or wiser.

The Divine Feminine

“Like all the drugs are girls (white girl) Mary, Molly” – Ab-Soul (God’s A Girl)

Women are natural muses.

Some of the greatest works of art, powerful pieces of ad copy and taglines have been directly inspired by direct/indirect contact with a woman.

Whether it’s sex or beauty and elegance or a mother’s sacrifice or spousal love or friendship or grief and heartbreak or pain and suffering or loss.

If you are a creative, the women you come in contact with in your life whether through stories or circumstances are a treasure trove of inspiration.

Pay attention.


“Whatever’s in me, it’s takin’ over
I gotta bust it down, break it open
Until somebody starts takin’ notice, then we rollin'” – Drake (Deep Pockets)

I feel like I’m on the cusp of something life-changing.

Of course, I hate to sound fantastical but isn’t this exactly how magnum opuses are made?

Though I’ve heard that some really remarkable stuff come from the mundane.

Not like greatness always uses a P.A system to announce itself to the world.

So, should I discount this feeling?

Shouldn’t I be happy I’m in my element?

Am I really?

I feel so in touch with many aspects and sides of me at this point in time.

There are still niggling doubts that routinely pop up like a blown-out knee. Shouldn’t that be expected?

But then, one way or another, there’s a part of me that feels unstoppable.

I think it was my brush with death or maybe a post that I saw about writing only in reference to truth, life and love.

I feel something different.

I have no idea what it is.

But I feel something coming.

It’s A Beautiful Life

“It’s a beautiful day, unlike yesterday/It will be better tomorrow than it is today/So, forget your worries, let us play/And we can party all night and have fun/Till everybody goes la la la la la la la la la” – Emeka (Beautiful Day)

I almost died this week.

The plumbing broke and leaked water into walls and it got in contact with the electrical wiring in my apartment.

I almost got electrocuted in the bathroom.

I saw my life flash right before my eyes.

I also got some of my brightest ideas ever this week. After the near-death experience actually.

The irony.

So, just like everyone else that has gone before me, I could have died with all these ideas inside of me.

The reality is humbling.

I’ve been thoroughly stressed by the lawyer managing my apartment.

I’ve barely slept.

I have a backlog of work that I haven’t been able to finish because I’ve been traumatised.

And then, my favourite team lost a cup final under the most bizarre circumstances.

I emptied my Shazam library.

I took a boat ride.

Two boat rides actually.

And then went to a party with friends.

I can’t even complain.

This week was a kind reminder that:

Life is crazy.

Life is beautiful.

Life is ugly.

Lots of ups.

Lots of downs.

Lots of highs.

Lots of lows.

Sometimes there’s order.

Sometimes there’s chaos.

Just like everything in nature.

And no matter how long you live, life is short.

The best you can do is give everything of yourself at every moment in time.

Everything of the very best of your time, money, love, energy and attention.

The very best of the highest form of yourself.

Every single second is so damn important and shouldn’t be wasted.

Never forget.

Plus, be grateful for everything.

Everything plus what’s in between is what makes life beautiful.