How To Make Money From Betting Websites…Without Betting.

Not sure I’ve ever told anyone this story, but I just remembered my 2nd year in the university when I lost over 30k on sports betting.

Oh, I’m ahead of myself right now.

The story starts from when I won N24k one weekend with just N1,000.

Aside from my scholarship and managing my parents’ business, that was the largest money I’d ever made on my own.

This was 2013/14 and we were in the middle of writing exams, I was living with my friend Somto and that weekend we balled hard.

But what’s even crazy was the next weekend I won another 25k with N1,000 and the whole hostel heard it. Bought beer for all the boys. Come and see hailing!

We even cooked one special pot of vegetable soup to celebrate.

I thought I’d arrived.

In such circumstances, the natural thing is to increase your stakes.

If I’m making N25,000 with N1,000, I could easily make N50,000 with N2,000, N125,000 with N5,000 or even N250,000 with N10,000.

I think it was the Devil talking to me.

Because just before the next semester began, I lost over N30,000 within one weekend.

My school fee was N20,100. I almost dropped out.

Thank God I managed to make it up and pay it though.

Well, why I’m sharing this story is because my friend Gbenga just showed me how to make as much as N400,000 every month on sports betting websites like NairaBet, 1xbet and Bet9ja without placing a single bet, without owning a betting shop and without predicting any game.

According to him, it takes just 3 hours to set up and he explains how he does so in this short video. Click the link below to watch it.

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