How Sales and Marketing Works.

Do you want to understand how sales and marketing work?

Then watch how a typical Nigerian Pentecostal Church operates to understand how.

I’ll explain below 👇🏿

At the end of the service, the pastor or whoever assists him asks for first-timers.

Then they get a free welcome song – You’re Welcome In The Name Of The Lord is usually the song of choice.

Members of the church hug them or shake them and welcome them to the church.

Some give you a gift – soft drink, meat pie, jollof rice or sometimes a jotter & pen etc 😁

All for FREE.

Look at this when crafting your offers while trying to sell a product – this is how gifts & bonuses work.

“I’ll add you to my special group/community where you’ll meet other guys like you killing it”

“You get this, this & that when you become a member”


This work as first-person reviews and word of mouth marketing.

A typical example is when they’re about to raise money or ask for seeds.

Some members are called to talk about how their situations at one point in time changed after they had sown seeds.

You’re sitting in the audience telling yourself this church won’t get 5 Naira from me…

Until someone tells a story about the time when they failed a course & were supposed to rewrite it. But then, the lecturer asked them to sort, but instead of sorting, they took that money & dropped it as a seed.

Well, a miracle happened.

The lecturer fell sick & a better lecturer took up the course and that was how they passed.

In your mind, you’re like “Wow, so this thing works?”

Oya, go to the front and drop seed joor 😁

By the way, the story above was a true story.


“Hello, Brother Uche, how are you today? We just called to check up on you. Hope you’re good.”

Then they assign a beautiful sister to check up on you 😁

I remembered a few fine sisters that were on my matter in University.

They were the reason I used to attend midweek services and cell meetings 🤦🏿‍♂️

Ours are emails and DMs with discounts & last minute offers.


Choir, ushers, worker groups etc.

But in our case, emails, Facebook, and Telegram groups.

Traffic generation works as crusades, seminars, programs, evangelism and other activities.

Whereas we run ads and promotions.

The controversial part is how tithing and sowing seeds make you emotionally invested in the activities.

That’s almost how the difference between getting a course for free and paying for access works.

You want to get your money’s worth.

When they tell you pastors are the biggest and best salespeople, don’t doubt it.

PS: I’m not dragging your pastor. I’m just stating the obvious.

Uche Okoro

Writer. Sales & Marketing. Business & Investing Afficionado.

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