Asking The Right Questions When Writing Copy

A question most of us DR people don’t ask when we are creating copy is “What is going on in the world that is influencing or might influence and shape the decision making by our prospect?”

This is why most copy falls flat because we try to copy old sales messages from back in the day that were speaking to issues prevalent at the time.

Plus, some of the adjectives and language you think would elicit certain reactions in your prospect’s mind have either been overused or irrelevant at the moment.

Case in point, RELEVANCE!

Was on a Twitter Space last night hosted by @bruno_nwogu when @ronaldnzimora highlighted this.

So, quick tip:

Are you Nigerian & you’re creating copy for stock investing?

You can highlight:

– The importance of earning in dollars to keep up with inflation.

– How muddled investing in the NSE is.

– You can scrounge through comments and see people who bought shares of prominent companies years ago and those shares are worthless now.

But most of these things are already known. So, what do you do?

Either connect a past event (history repeats itself) or a current event that ties in with your marketing message.

What of how Nigerians interested in moving abroad can use their American stock portfolios as proof of earnings?

Mad idea abi? I say make I dash una that one 😁

Are you creating copy for crypto?

Instead of talking about the technicalities of white papers and Defi, you can highlight how your prospect can make good money off crypto and not bother about his holdings whether Elon Musk tweets or not.

My Igbo brothers were early adopters of crypto because it promised them they could pay for their goods without all the CBN stress this current regime has been causing.

If you’re creating copy for pension schemes, how about using Argentina, France & Venezuela governments borrowing from their pension schemes & then their economy falling into tatters as examples? And then tying them to the Nigerian government trying to do the same.

It may work shaa 😁

@ronaldnzimora talked about a copy he wrote for saving money abroad using the Biafra War and the outcome for Igbos as a pain point.

This is how you create a sales message – drawing a thread between the past, present and future.

I hope this helps.

– Uche

Uche Okoro

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