4 Business, Sales & Marketing Lessons I Learned From Crazy Rich Asians.

Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan is one of the few books I’ve read that I couldn’t keep down.

I read it at a low point in my life. So, I can say it was one of the highlights for me that year.

I read it the whole night and up to the next morning.

It felt like listening to Watch The Throne the first time.

The opulence. The drip. A front-seat view into the hidden lives of rich people.

What’s funny is how I couldn’t even stand the movie. That’s gist for another day though.

But aside from how entertaining the book was, I also learned a few things about business, sales and marketing.

1. Understand your business and your audience.

These two go hand in hand together because it’s in completely understanding your business, product or service offering that you gain insight into how it can help your customer.

It’s also in understanding the needs of your customer that you know how to position yourself in a way that helps them & makes it profitable for you both.

Don’t sleep on it.

2. Function is not the only reason people buy.

People advertising their products or services blindly focus on features 90% of the time.

They forget that people don’t only buy something because of what it can do for them, they also buy because of what the product/service makes them feel.

There’s sentiment, sex appeal, power, luxury, jealousy, envy, exclusivity etc. All these and more are some of the reasons why people buy.

3. Today’s buyers are more sophisticated than ever. But yet, they still have a monkey brain like their ancestors.

In simpler terms, there’s an emotional reason why people buy or love your product. Target it.

4. Marketing is mostly about perception and less about reality.

Whoever told you a book isn’t judged by its cover or appearance or title lied to you.

There’s a reason why branding and packaging make your stuff more ‘buyable’.

Think of how to improve your product/service. But also think of how to improve how your product/service is offered.

Don’t serve delicious food on a dirty table.

I hope this helps you.

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