This Is Why A USP Is Important In Your Sales & Marketing Efforts.

In today’s world where there are so many products struggling for your prospects’ attention and money.

This is why having a specific & compelling USP is one of the ways to differentiate yourself.

Here are 4 ways to do it differently:

But first, what is the USP?

According to advertising OG Rosser Reeves, the USP (unique selling proposition) is the one reason a customer needs to buy a specific product or service, or why it is better than its competitors.

Some USPs you might have seen before that are instantly recognisable are:

– Domino’s Pizza: “Fresh hot pizza in 30 minutes or less.”

– Avis: “We’re number two. We try harder.”

– Amazon: “Earth’s largest bookstore.”

– Coca-Cola: “Delivering/spreading happiness.”

– Peugeot: “Made for Nigerian roads.”

But it’s not just about the slogans.

A USP is what sets you apart from your competitors or why are you better than them…in a favourable way.

It’s simply what makes you different.

For example, Facebook started with connecting you to people you used to know but you might not have seen in years.

For young Nigerians, Twitter is a space where they learn, laugh, love, make money, make friends, hook up, debate, argue and fight.

That’s a crazy USP.

Back to the topic, these are ways to improve your USP:

1. Insist on benefits over features

“Why should I buy your stuff?”

“What do I stand to gain?”

“How does it help me?”

Your Customer is selfish and doesn’t care about you.

This is why your USP should be about them and how they stand to benefit from your product/service.

2. Differentiate Yourself.

What makes it different from others out there?

That’s why you see certain sales messages start with “Unlike most other products out there…”.

Or “Unlike some of our competitors…”

Once you can answer these questions clearly and compellingly, you’re on your way to making good money.

3. You can even do it through your domain or product name.

Think of products like Reel Fruits.

Most people won’t even remember the word is reel because it’s the same pronunciation as real.

Genius stuff 👌🏿

Think of

4. Highlight a feature that your product/service has that others don’t/Fill a void in the marketplace.

When you go through Expertnaire’s timeline on

You notice their USP’s are tied around the biggest commissions in Nigeria, getting paid every Friday, best affiliate marketing platform in Nigeria, how they fill in the void for Nigerians interested in Affiliate Marketing but can’t get on Clickbank, Moreniche, JVZoo because of location etc.

Also, their pinned tweet helps break it down for people with no prior knowledge or experience of affiliate marketing.

Now, the cool thing about USPs is you can use them for your advertising campaigns, product or service branding.

Or even a headline for a sales message.

Or an idea for a product launch.

Or a theme that sets you or your brand apart.

So, you must dig deep to find something powerful & compelling.

Your options for crafting a USP are enormous. Just don’t limit yourself.

I hope this helps you.

– Uche.

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