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Affiliate marketing is not a new business model. It is done in almost every business industry whether online or offline.

Now, the first question at the back of your mind would be how does this work? So, you’ll be thinking…

What is affiliate marketing for a beginner like me?

You see, affiliate marketing is simply recommending a company or someone’s products or services to potential customers, and once they buy, you earn a commission from each sale.

But I still don’t understand, can you give me a working example of affiliate marketing in action?


If you’ve ever tried to rent a house through an agent, and he charged you an agent fee (10%, 5% or whatever), that’s affiliate marketing.

Enter any market, there are guys at every corner asking to help you with whatever you need.

That’s also affiliate marketing.

Other businesses use this same business model.

Uber and Bolt don’t own even a single car.

But they make crazy money every day, every hour.


They connect a car driver to a passenger and collect a percentage of whatever the driver makes.

That’s affiliate marketing.

Even businesses like OPay, Amazon, Airbnb, Jumia etc

But you don’t need to be able to afford a car to do affiliate marketing.

Neither do you have to walk around selling or renting houses to people

Also, you don’t need to have the kind of cash flow necessary for opening a POS point.

So, what do I do?

Well, you don’t need any of these.

All the results you’ve seen from the testimonies on this page are people who use just;

1. Their smartphone.

2. WhatsApp and

3. Internet.

They don’t sell physical products. Only digital products.

This means they don’t need to stock up any product in any warehouse.

Or rent any shop and wait for people to come and buy.

Zero logistics.

They simply go to the website, pick any product of their choice, copy the link and send it to a potential buyer.

And boom! Once the customer buys it, they get paid.

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