Month: March 2021

Favourite Books #2021

Today’s #WorldBookDay and I decided to share some of my all-time favourite books to commemorate #WorldBookDay2021.

Little back story, I used to read a lot as a child but then puberty and girls happened and I fell off 🤦🏿‍♂️. But since late 2018, I’ve been reading as much as 60 books a year.

Wasn’t easy picking them and that’s why this list is so short. Please bear with me.

1. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

There’s no simple way to describe The Alchemist because it’s not a book you just read. It’s a book you experience.

The Alchemist has been on The New York Times bestseller list for more than 315 weeks. It’s also been translated into 80 different languages, setting the Guinness World Record for the most translated book by any living author.

Kobe Bryant, Will Smith, Anthony Robbins, Madonna, Neil Patrick Harris, Pharell, and others all praise it to the highest heavens.

2. The Purpose Driven Life – Rick Warren

This book takes you on a 40-day spiritual journey. I read it at the beginning of every year.

3. One Hundred Years of Solitude – Gabriel Marcia Marquez

Another book you need to read to experience. I loved it so much. It helped me develop an internal compass.

4. Stay With Me – Ayobami Adebayo

The best book I read in 2020. So powerful and engaging I couldn’t keep it down. Read it in one night. Should be made into a movie. Hello, Netflix.

5. A Tree Grows In Brooklyn – Betty Smith

This book covers everything I love talking about – life, family, parenting, money, purpose, books and love. The hardest things in life. Has also one of the most powerful dedications I’ve ever seen.

6. The Power of One – Bryce Courtenay

Powerful, riveting, engaging. One of the few books I reread and I learn something fresh and new every time.

Notable mentions: I’m a sucker for Malcolm Gladwell because of how he presents them as a law case. David and Goliath, Outliers, Talking to Strangers, anything he writes, I’ll read.

I love John Grisham and Agatha Christie too.

The Sweet Science of Positioning and How To Use It To Increase Your Sales and Conversions.

Take a look at this video.

Around the 0:45 mark where the referee says, “Do you want me to come and have a look to sell it? I think I better. Because the players are expecting it.”

That phrase “to sell it” in this context simply means convincing the other team it’s a goal.

So, if you needed any confirmation that virtually every transaction or social interaction between people is an act of buying and selling, then this is it.

And why is it so?

It’s because, at every point, you’re trying to prove something (value) to who you are with, whether deliberately or not.

You’re working hard trying to prove to your parents, peers, family and yourself you are not a failure.

You’re trying to prove to the woman you’re trying to be with how much of a great guy you are, and how much fun and happiness she’d get from being with you.

You’re trying to prove to your employer you’re a great fit for the job, or you can at least improve. Proving this ensures you get a raise or you retain your job.

Your high follower count on Twitter proves your tweets are valuable (even if this is debatable), so people get to follow you easily.

Now see the reaction of the captain of the opposing team after the referee checks VAR and gives his verdict.

He accepts it without much debate.

But the referee had to use the VAR screen to demonstrate that authority.

Just like how women sexually respond to dominant men, men with some authority or men they see as capable of leading them.

Women are attracted to the professor and not the junior lecturer. Women are attracted to the doctor and not the lab tech. Women are attracted to the quarterback and not the kicker. Women are attracted to the CEO and not the pizza delivery guy. Women are attracted to the leading man and not the comic relief.” – Athol Kay

You can see the response to authority, but since we are not talking about women today, let’s not digress. Focus!

In this case, the referee is the leader and everything he says is the law.

But there’s a catch.

If his body language demonstrates any kind of doubt, the players will react negatively to him. He’s likely going to end up disrespected and his actions questioned.

Just like a certain country whose President has been criticized for his body language and the result has been increasing insecurity.

So, to dispel any notion of a doubt, he consults the VAR screen and uses it as a tool to demonstrate his authority and final decision.

Why am I using this video to explain this?

It’s because your prospect has doubts in their hearts already.

They are insecure. They are sceptical. They are afraid. So, how do you reverse all that?


Do you make them see your offer as a Ponzi scheme, a scam, a network marketing or MLM biz or a genuine offer that is guaranteed to change their lives? An offer anyone in their right mind would not refuse.

This is why it’s important to avoid instances where you stutter, can’t defend your words, or where your authority can be called into question and you can’t back it up.

But how do you do this?


Understand your audience.

Understand your product.

Understand your competition.

What does your audience see you as? How do you position yourself? How do you position your product?

Are you just another snake oil salesman? Or a genuine person who wants to help them with a genuine solution to their problems?

In one of Ronald Nzimora’s emails about the Sidney Sheldon-Jose Iturbi love triangle, he said, “There’s an advantage at being first, being unique, having something others don’t have, you can employ it and using it in the right positioning makes it easy to beat the competition.

That’s how you win.


If you’re interested in increasing your sales and conversions, attract more customers, improve your sales and marketing knowledge, then click on the link below.