Month: December 2021

8 Lessons I Learned From Working At A Bet9ja Shop

Fresh out of university I got a job working in a Bet9ja shop as a cashier/attendant.

Not the most ideal place for one to start their working journey, but I’d just finished school waiting for NYSC and needed the money to survive.

I also needed the lessons.

Here are the 8 things I learned: 👇🏿

1. Sunk Cost Fallacy

“Guy, I wan recover, make I just play this one”

Sunk cost is the misconception that you need to pump more money or time into a bad investment and ‘force’ it to become profitable, or else all the time and money you already invested would have been for nothing.

People spend more time at a job that doesn’t fulfil them because they feel if they put in more time then it’d get better.

People stay in a relationship that drains them hoping their partners will change if they could just show them a little more love.

It’s a fallacy!

In reality, you end up wasting the new investment as well. No upside.

I saw people lose more money than they’d lost before while trying to ‘recover’.

“There are two important rules of business, knowing when to get in and when to get out. Of the two, knowing when to get out is the most important.” – Hymie Levy (The Power Of One)

I’m a stickler for determination and holding on, but whether in a relationship or business, sometimes it’s better to end it. At least for your mental health.

“Bros, you sure sey you no go free today own just rest?”

“No worry, make I just play this last one.”

And then he goes on to play 20 more times after that.

Not everything will work even with consistency.

2. Giving Has Nothing To Do With How Much You Have.

One of my best tippers was a security guard at a Zenith Bank branch close to my shop.

He’ll tip me for absolutely no reason whether he won or lost. Sometimes, he even brought snacks to my cashier stand.

Learn how to tip.

It makes the receiver’s day. It makes your day too.

Plus, in a world with an increasing income divide, many of these workers lowkey depend on your tips to keep body and soul together.

3. Pressure Tests Everything and Everyone.

The gambling world thrives on consistency.

But what happens when you don’t stop losing and just keep racking up debt?

How do you handle debt?

Some of the best gamblers crumble under pressure from losing.

Life isn’t any different.

Many people will crumble when life gets harder.

What about you?

4. The Man With Money Has More Friends, More Access And More Opportunities.

The big stakers and big tippers always had people around them. And they also got lots of special treatment.

A wise man once told me, “In all thy getting get money.”

And nothing could have been any truer.

People will treat you better when you have money in your pocket and they know you’ve got options.

5. Miracles Happen… And So Do Disasters.

I remember one Champions League night in 2016 when I needed 3 last minute goals to win a ticket.

They all came through.

86 minutes.

89 minutes.

90+1 😁

I cried tears of joy, fam 😭

But what if it never happened?

That’s the same thing with life, you’re one win away from massive success.

You need just one massive win to wipe out a string of losses.

You’re also one wrong decision away from total disaster.

Some people would come from their shops after a day of business and blow everything (capital + profit).

Some people lost their jobs because they had gambling problems.

Be wise.

6. Luck Follows Consistency.

The guys who win big know they have to keep playing even after a string of losses.

I don’t advise you to be a gambler though because it could kill you.

But even in real life, you have to keep going.

Reminds me of this video 😁

7. Focus On What People Do, Not What People Say or Say They’ll Do.

If you’re going to be an excellent judge of character, it’s important you look past things people say and instead focus on what they do.

In your business, relationships, personal interactions, look at what the other party does, not what they say or say they’ll do.

This is one of the major reasons why I don’t rate what a lot of people post here online.

Talk is cheap. Action is the real differentiator.

“I’ll start investing once I make more money.”

“I’ll focus on my health once I…”

“I’ll start making better life decisions when I…”

Rubbish, they won’t.

8. Greed Is A Crazy Motivator.

They say there’s a thin line between greed and ambition.

If you add loss aversion to it, you’ll either be a great success or get wiped out.

Talking about loss aversion, I just remembered something that happened to me last month.

So, I remember trying to use this book website and I was given a 30 days free subscription.

But under one condition: I had to put in my credit card details.

I didn’t see it as anything.

I just believed I could put in my card details and if the website wasn’t worth it, I’ll just cancel my subscription and remove it.

Fast forward 30 days later, I hadn’t read the book that made me put my card details in that site 😅

They charged my card 😭

But as if that would be an awakening, I just managed to read one or two chapters.

I didn’t read anything from that book again until one day I woke up and my mind went straight to the website and I remembered they’d be charging me again soon.

Fam, I read that book till the end over the next week 😁

It was when I finished I discovered I wasn’t even about to be charged yet.

I was just afraid of losing money again and not getting anything out of it.

So, as much as gamblers tell you the number one rule of gambling is “don’t stake more than you can afford to lose”, nobody likes to lose money.

In the true sense, there’s almost no amount you can afford to lose.

Which is why if you want to make money from sports betting sites like Bet9ja, Nairabet and others WITHOUT PLACING A SINGLE BET, you should watch this video 👇🏿