Month: February 2022

We All Don’t Care About The Same Things…And That’s Okay.

Something I learned from watching few episodes of Downton Abbey is not everyone thinks of or cares about financial freedom the way we think or care about.

A common theme we preach is “not having a boss to answer to” but the truth is some people want a boss to answer to.

Some people want a life of order and regiment.

Waking up by 5, getting ready for work, spending 8 hours at work, coming back home in the evening and whatnot.

Not everyone wants the chaos and uncertainty associated with entrepreneurship, though some thrive in spite of it.

I had a neighbour who told me he didn’t have a single entrepreneurial bone in his body. He just loved the corporate lifestyle.

To them that’s happiness.

Not a miserable existence and a life of quiet desperation like we all think.

And it’s important we respect that.

Not everyone has big dreams like you or I do.

While some want to conquer the world, some simply want to pass through this world unannounced.

As marketers selling financial freedom & business opportunities, it’s important we understand the concept of points of entry when trying to sell to people.

It’s important to sell to people solely interested in you and what you have to offer.

Because you can never provoke or force or coerce desire.

People buy something because there’s a draw deep down in their spirit towards it.

Your words & promises are not meant to convince them, just draw those desires out and let them convince themselves it’s what they want.

Makes your job 20x easier.

I’ll end this with learn how to manage and conserve your energy (selling energy) for people who need it.

I hope this helps you.

Love, light & poto poto ļ˜Š

Happy Valentine’s Day,


The 8-part Sequence To Making A Super Irresistible No-Brainer Offer

Most internet marketers incorrectly assume the OFFER has to do with price, or extra bonuses and freebies.

Whereas there are eight main parts to making a compelling & powerful offer.

And there are:

1. Your product name.

Lol, yes!

Sounds unbelievable but true.

But when religious people tell you there’s POWER in a name, you better believe them.

If you wake up tomorrow & decide to create a product, what your customer stands to gain has to be front & centre in its name.

2. Your Product Promise

This is where you use future pacing to describe how your product will solve your prospect’s problems & make their lives better in a few weeks, months or years down the line.

Why should I spend $1000 on your product when I could take it to the strip club?

3. Your story/Your product’s story.

Is it relatable?

Do I see myself or glimpses of myself in your story or product story?

Can I like the Samaritan woman Jesus met at the well say “Damn, it seems like he knows me, my deepest thoughts & everything I’ve been through”?

4. You

Yes, you.

Who the fuck are you? And why should IĀ  give you my money?

People talk about the Godfather offer.

But who made the Godfather offer?

Don Corleone.

He had a reputation for being a man of his word.

That’s what credibility does for you.

Can I trust you?

5. Price.

Finally, what everyone wants to compete on.

But you know what’s crazy?

Pricing your product high also works as an offer.

It screams premium & exclusive (even if it might not be). Though that’s not an excuse to price your stuff high if it’s shit.

Put out good shit.

6. Bonuses

Lol, I know this is your favourite šŸ˜‹

Well, who doesn’t like a little extra?

Everyone is addicted to free.

But whatever it is you’re adding has to relate to your main product.

E.g Samsung releases a new phone, prices it at a discount & adds earbuds as a bonus.

7. Scarcity & Urgency drivers

Would I miss out on anything if I spend this $1,000 on a hooker tonight instead of paying for your Masterclass holding next month?

If your scarcity & urgency drivers don’t make him either pay immediately or wake up at 3am & wonder why he didn’t pay immediately.

Or at worst, bookmark your sales page (not like you’d know though), then you’re doing something wrong.

8. Guarantee

Has to be (or at least) sound rock solid.

So there you have it.

I hope this helps you.


PS: Shout out to Victor Olutimi for this headline. I won’t have thought of another better.