Month: January 2022

Storytelling And Why It’s So Important In Selling

Do you know the reason why stories work so well in selling?

Well, when your brain sees something, the first thing it tries to do is analyze it.

“What’s this?”

“How does this help me?”

“Why should I keep watching or listening or reading this?”

“Why should I pay attention to this?”

“Is this interesting?”

But all of these questions are asked subconsciously.

What a story does is help you bypass these subconscious questioning.

And that’s because over time our brains have been wired to let stories in.

It’s how our ancestors passed the time when they still lived in the caves and bushes.

Even boring subjects become interesting overnight because stories break the analytical frame your brain is in and makes it easier for ideas to be planted.

Ask any student, the most interesting subjects were the ones whose teachers found a way to weave storytelling into their teaching.

Stories are one of the few times we let our guard down.

It is one of the few ways we can participate in powerful emotional experiences together.

Rumour has it that in lots of cinemas around the world people broke down in tears when Thanos beat the Avengers.

Even though they knew it was just a movie, the experience was so powerful they felt like a part of it – they completely forgot.

Some of the biggest movements in the world have largely revolved around storytelling – religion, politics, business, culture, art etc.

What do you think Christianity would be like without a Bible filled with stories?

Why do you think the average human being’s interest goes up once they smell gossip?

Why are gossip blogs almost never out of business?

Our brains can’t help it.

Stories are addicting.

If you want to be a better salesman, tell better stories.

Or rather, fill your brain with great stories.

Or better still, go out there and live a life filled with experiences so you can have stories to tell.

You have no idea when they could come in handy.


Ad Breakdown Episode 1 of 2022

The Omega Speedmaster Ad

This ad is such a ridiculously good ad (and short too).

Been long I did an ad breakdown, so lemme share something with you guys today.

How can a man in a $27,000 suit settle for a $235 watch?

Headline opens up with curiosity – how all headlines should be

Shockingly, it also reminds me of this video of Eminem talking about his wristwatch

First paragraph – rarity/exclusivity.

2nd paragraph – prestige

3rd paragraph – ruggedness, efficiency & durability.

Last paragraph – legacy.

Everything you need in a wristwatch.

Because of the Eminem video, I got inspired to create an ad for G-Shock.

I did this under 10 minutes & I didn’t even edit it๐Ÿ˜†


How Can a Man Worth $230 Million Settle For a $100 Watch?

Two things that are constantly preached to entertainers:

1. To ensure they makes move that make financial sense.

2. To think and act with the long term in mind.

None of which is surprising either.

Even though you’d hardly expect entertainers as vibrant and eccentric as they are to listen to this, so imagine our shock when we found the G-Shock on rapper Eminem.

But when you think about it, the G-Shock is designed for the job to withstand the rigors of always being on the road and performing in front of crowds who grab at you.

You don’t want to lose your $1 Million wristwatch to a group of moshers and crazy fans.

And you can wear it everyday without being afraid it would scratch.

As an entertainer, you can always give it away…and get another one later.

It might be just $100 to you, but priceless to a fan.

And that is what everyday performer wants to give their fans above all else – MEMORABLE MOMENTS to be remembered by.

Plus, don’t forget the greatest rapper of all time, Eminem wears a G-Shock too.

So if you’re wearing a G-Shock, you should be proud of it – 15 Grammys, multiple platinum albums, diamond certified singles, ten Billboard number ones, an Oscar and 220 million albums shipped worldwide.

For any other watch, the G-Shock would be too much.

Now that’s cool!

You don’t don’t need to call your financial adviser to confirm if you can get a G-Shock.

It’s just $100.

That makes financial sense too.

Let’s do it together with a G-Shock.