Why Any ‘Sensible’ Copywriter Shouldn’t Watch Films Like Lupin.

Spent the better part of last night and this morning binge-watching Lupin and it’s clear two things are paramount when it comes to persuading people:

1. Proof

Whether engineered or framed (I advise you not to lie though), people are constantly searching for what to believe in. Despite how much they might deny it even. And that’s despite how low trust is nowadays.

This is why religion, politics and relationships sit on top of the conversation every day.

People want to believe in a god, a messiah, a leader, a Moses who’d take them out of Egypt, a Joshua who’d take them into the promised land, a product or service which alleviates their suffering, helps them save money, or puts money in their pockets, a person who says they’ll love them unconditionally whether sun or rain (Lori iro 😁).

As a persuader, proof is your bridge over muddied waters.

Waters muddied by low-quality copywriters, direct response marketers who don’t know their scruples, liars and scumbags littered all across the Internet.

Proof is your bridge from obscurity and poverty to crazy money.

Proof is why I almost stole $497 from my mother’s handbag to buy David Deutsch’s course this morning.

Proof is everything.

So, as a wise man told me once, “show, don’t tell.”

2. Speak Their Language.

You see Assane Diop glide effortlessly through conversations with different people (Fabienne Beriot, Claire, Raoul etc.) because of his ability to speak ‘their language’.

Not languages as per dialects, no! But language as per needs, emotions, wants and desires.

When you understand people at the base level, it’s easy to ‘manipulate’ them. It’s easy to convince them. It’s easy to persuade them. It’s easy to sell to them.

Speaking their language helps you create irresistible offers they can’t refuse. Because you know who they are, what they want, what rattles them, what pushes their needles, what they need, even if they lie to your face they don’t.

Hello, Don Corleone 😁

Also, don’t forget to adapt.

This ties in together with speaking people’s languages too.

A 25-year-old and a 50-year-old don’t want the same thing. Neither does a married couple and a perennial bachelor want the same thing either.

When you can adapt to people and situations, it’s easier to speak their language.

I’m sorry this post started with why you shouldn’t watch Lupin and then goes on to make you want to watch it. But that’s the truth. The world doesn’t need more manipulators like you 😁

Uche Okoro

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