The Art Of Walking Away

Half the time I got it right, I probably guessed” – Drake (The Resistance)

I think I’m the luckiest guy in the world.

Someone said I should say blessed, but does it really matter?

Over the past 3 years I’ve made some really crazy gambles. “Stupid,” the casual observer would say.

I’ve had to walk away from persons, jobs and situations.

I’ve had to turn down what seemed on the surface like really good opportunities.

I’ve had to walk in unplanned into even crazier circumstances.

Some turned out beautifully, some others were batshit crazy, but I’ve been forced by life to learn to take the wins and
losses in equal stride.
What have I learnt from it all?

There’s no gain in shrinking yourself, your abilities and capabilities. There’s no medal for self sabotaging. There’s no
medal for self limitations.

There’s no medal for being conservative or cautious hundred percent of the time.
You just rob the world of your awesomeness when you chose not to take risks.

This is not a post promoting destructive behaviour or uncalculated risk taking or outright gambling.

The life that you live, sleeping and waking up in mediocrity every day is a gamble already.

The truth is that most of the things you want, or that could change your life are on the other side of ‘what if’.

“What if it doesn’t work?”

“What if he/she says no?”

“What if I lose everything?”

“What if they don’t buy it?”

“What if they don’t like it?”

But, what if it does?

What if they say yes?

Even if they said no, what if saying no turns out to be the best thing that happens to you?

Ask yourself “What if not?”

The fear of rejection or failure or loss or ridicule or being labeled a nonconformist shouldn’t hold you back.

Everything you need you’ll get, but some take time, while you might have to work your butt off for others.

The universe is waiting to respond to you but you’ll have to be in a position for lightning to strike.

So, yes, I’m lucky. Yes, I’m blessed, but I’ve had to learn to keep moving. Win or loss.

It’s pointless to stay fixated.

You might get it wrong, yeah, but what if you get it right?

So, that’s the maxim.
Keep moving.

Uche Okoro

Writer. Sales & Marketing. Business & Investing Afficionado.

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