Working Every Time Is For Pussies

I need to separate myself to stand out.” – Kendrick Lamar (Cut You Off)

We usually hear stories of an artist or author moving away from the madness of every day life. Moving into the woods or some secluded place up in the mountains. And then returning with their best work ever.

Their masterpiece.

What is commonly referred to as the ‘magnum opus’.

There is a common belief that only artists or authors or people within the literary circles should do this.

After all, who has the time to pack up and move someplace far away just becauseā€¦

But in a world where people are on one bandwagon or another. Where herd mentality reigns supreme. Standing out is your best and only defense.

Everyone needs private retreats. Physically and mentally.

Physically, to recharge your batteries and/or dedicate time to something or someone your daily schedule doesn’t allow for.

This is why holidays and vacations should be taken more seriously.

Mentally, to setup walls and screens. A chance to observe. A chance to analyze and think for yourself.

This is why private moments and spaces should be respected.

But this respect starts with self.

You should respect yourself enough to know when to unplug from everything.

My friend once told me a story of how his father worked for over 30 years without going on vacation.

Telling these kind of stories in a boardroom or corporate setting would earn you respect, admiration and a huge cheering.

Stories like this keep enforcing the narrative that rest is for pussies.

How the greats have to work every time.

Until you break down someday and on your hospital bed you can’t seem to remember one memory that wasn’t related to work.

Rest. Unplug. Detach. Slow Down. Sleep.

Give yourself private moments.

Give yourself space. Mentally and physically.

Go on holidays and vacations.

Go on personal retreats.

Say no to certain things and certain people.

Separate yourself from the noise.

The only thing it does is drain you.

You need energy to conquer the world.

Have a mega week ahead.


Uche Okoro

Writer. Sales & Marketing. Business & Investing Afficionado.

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