Coping With Corona II

“...scared of the future, while I hopped in a DeLorean/scared to face the world” – Kanye West ( Good Morning)

Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!

Hey guys! How have you been coping with the forced lockdown worldwide?

I hope good though. Isolation is a crazy thing.

Been really good out here.

I mean, it’s funny and ironic how people all over the world are being forced to stay indoors. Lots of people complaining about adapting. While I’m here thinking, this is exactly how I’ve been living my life since God knows when.😭 Lol.

What’s your routine being like?

I’ve been mostly reading, working out, eating, sleeping and jumping on Twitter to laugh my heart out. A little writing here and there too.

People have become increasingly creative. And it’s being some serious fun. Somehow, the human mind always finds a way to cope.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately too. The mind has a way of drifting off in these uncertain times.

I know I should focus on surviving and getting through this period, but what happens if this goes on longer than anticipated?

Of course, somewhere along the way, we’ll defeat this. The truth is, the world as we’ve known it will never be the same again.

Most of the traditional models of work, play and relationships between people and between countries that we’ve become used to would change.

Cultures would shift dynamically.

This has always happened and it shouldn’t scare you. That is how man has constantly changed the world he lives in.

There’s a lot on my mind and time won’t permit me to share them all within the confines of this post.

So, hopefully, we’d talk about them in subsequent posts.

Have faith and be strong. It’s going to be a brave new world out there. I hope you get your mind ready for it.


Uche Okoro

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