The Hard Things

“If it adds a couple more years to our lives, we might go vegan” – Big Sean (Holy Key)

This past week I learnt one very significant lesson:

Life doesn’t necessarily get easier.

Chances are it actually gets harder. But there’s a caveat:

Somehow, it gets better.

But to have a life better than the one you currently have, you have to dedicate your days to doing the hard things.

The hard things would include things that add positively to your journey.

The hard things would include exercising and eating well, sleeping and resting as you should.

The hard things would include deliberate practice and the pursuit of purpose.

The willingness to stand up after getting knocked down repeatedly.

Faith and utmost belief and confidence in yourself and your abilities.

The hard things would include taking action instead of just dreaming.

Striving to get be better and do better at every level.

The hard things would include opening your heart to love and the embrace of people who truly care about you.

But that takes courage.

The hard things would also include the courage to speak when everyone around you decides to keep mum.

The courage to say no when you should say no.

The courage to be humble and teachable and accepting that you don’t know everything no matter how much you even know.

The hard things would include the zeal to keep going even when it looks like you shouldn’t.

Dedicate the rest of your life to doing the hard things.


Uche Okoro

Writer. Sales & Marketing. Business & Investing Afficionado.

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