How To Use Testimonials To Improve Your Business.

Do you run a business or provide a service and you usually get advice to use testimonials on your pages when trying to sell?

But you can not.

Especially because no one has used your product/service yet.

Well, here are 5 ways you can do it differently:

1. Use It Yourself

I remember seeing a tweet from Bruno Nwogu where he told his followers he had discovered a new way to make money via affiliate marketing.

He added that he wasn’t sure about it, but he was going to test it out and give them feedback.

Then, he came back and referenced the same tweet and shared his results with them.


Toyin Omotoso used this same style when he wanted to grow his Twitter account.

He got a bunch of resources, tested them, dumped the ones that weren’t working and figured out how to get a large following.

Then he packaged this information and made his Twitter Money Blueprint Program.

And I’m a testimony to this because I’ve had a Twitter account since 2012 and never had up to 1,000 followers.

Let’s say it was because I wasn’t serious 😁

But using some of the things he shares I’m almost up to 2,000 followers all within the last 4 months.

Powerful stuff 🙌🏿

But don’t also forget you can suffer from owner’s bias. You need a balanced approach when it comes to using it yourself.

2. Give away for free in exchange for feedback.

I learned this from writing 1 post every week on my blog for 1 full year.

I’d write a post every Sunday evening, publish it, then take the link and post it on my WhatsApp status.

The feedback I kept getting helped me to keep going even when I didn’t feel like writing.

That’s how I got better at writing consistently.

Bruno Nwogu has a free Telegram group where he shares tips and techniques with 2,000+ other affiliate marketers on how to make more money.

Nowadays, he has a paid group.

But he uses the success of that free group to sell the opportunities in his paid group.

What are you selling?

Give away some of it to your target audience.

Then ask for feedback in exchange for what you gave them.

Then use this feedback as testimonials on your page.

Believe me, it works.

3. Encourage people to talk about you – Church style.

Have you ever been to a church?

Have you noticed that even people sleeping during the sermon wake up when it comes to testimony time?

That’s how powerful it is.

But it’s also powerful because all of us humans are moved by social proof – we usually do things because we see other people doing it.

Or because it works for other people.

That’s how Church grows.

Go figure.

4. Call your customers and ask for feedback.

When you’ve started getting some sales, you should call your customers and ask them some of the following questions.

“What was your experience?”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Are you glad you bought it?”

“Do you like it?”

Then ask them for permission to use their testimonies on your page.

Church style again 👌🏿


5. Use case studies.

These can be stories of similar people like the person you’re trying to sell to.

When you do this, you help your prospects identify with your subject’s problem.

And you also make them experience the future relief (through the story you’ve shared) of what it would be like using your product/service.

I’m sorry I have to reference church again, but it’s a community that influences my thoughts on sales and marketing.

If you’ve noticed in certain churches during testimony time, there’s always another person (pastor, church worker etc) with a mic repeating the words of whoever is giving a testimony.

It serves three things:

1. The Power of Repetition.

You begin to believe anything you hear over and over again.

2. It elevates the perceived value of the church in your mind.

They emphasize certain points or events in the testimony making it seem deeper than you might have thought.

3. It paints a clearer picture.

Because in certain instances where the person giving the testimony can’t articulate it properly, the pastor or church worker does it better.

The power of testimonials lies in social proof.

And majority of people base their buying decision on the strength of other people’s testimonies.

And this is why undeniable testimonials = effortless selling. Don’t sleep on it.

This is also how church works & grows.

Learn how to use it in your business and watch your sales soar.

I hope this helps you.

– Uche.

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Alright, I’m off to church.


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