Do You Want To Write Better Leads? Then Let This Guide You

Takes 5-7 seconds to grab your prospect’s attention & get them to read your sales message.

This’s why how you write your leads is important.

If you dunno, a lead is the first 5-15 sentences, 300 words, 30 seconds or few pages of your message.

Here are 8 ways to do them better

1. Start with a story

People love stories.

But people are moved to buy by great stories.

You don’t know how to structure a story?

Study grass to grace stories.

Study The Hero’s Journey storytelling style.

Use them in a way that applies to what you’re selling.

Also, don’t forget people are moved by 3 types of people:

A champion.

A master.

An underdog.

Choose one character, create a story around them and exploit the hell out of it.

2. Give a compelling promise or promise a reward EARLY that what the readers are about to read/watch is worth their time.


“Ensure to read every word of this letter…”


“Watch this video to the very end because what I’m about to show you is the secret that will…”

Another alternate ending is:

“…and what you’ll discover will be the…”

(And then you include your promise)

But learn how to vary it by trying different versions.

Don’t say something like “this is the best thing you’ve read or you’re going to read” if you can’t back it up.

It’s cliche and empty nowadays because people have seen or read so many promises like that that failed them.

Don’t burn yourself too.

3. If you don’t/can’t give a direct promise (due to whatever reason), then at least allude to it.

But understand some people might miss this.

Because all your prospects won’t be on the same level of understanding and sophistication.

As proven to be a norm, assumption is dangerous and the mother of all fuck ups.

So, as always, it’s better to be simple and break it down for them.

4. Lead with benefits before risk.

Every buying decision is weighed on the scale of benefits vs risk.

Every time a prospect sees an opportunity, they subconsciously ask themselves, “What’s in it for me?”

You give them reasons to buy from you when you show them the benefits.

And how these benefits outweigh the risks of not getting it.

5. Tackle a pain point or problem early on.


“Weight Loss doesn’t have to be a do or die affair like most weight-loss experts would make you believe.”

6. Ask an opening question.


Have you been struggling with making sales with your e-commerce store? So, what if I could show you a way you can turn it around in less than 4 weeks?”

But ensure this question is relevant & important. Not the usual cliche ones.

Also, it must point to the results or benefits they’d get from you or your product/service.

7. Use a baiting strategy.


“Before I go any further I need you to promise you’d watch this 70 seconds video to the end. Because only then will you…”

(And then your promise)

8. Build credibility early

You do this by introducing yourself and giving them reasons to continue reading or listening to or watching you.

This is where your qualifications, achievements, experience etc come in.

PS: You don’t have to lie or use conflated figures or unnecessary titles & buzzwords like 6-figure copywriter, leading expert/authority, 9-figure salesman if you’re not.

They are still people who’ll buy from you because you’re relatable or closer to the level that they are at.

I hope this helps you.

– Uche

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